Changelog History

V 1.4.6 - September, 2021


  1. WordPress 5.8.1 compatibility.

  2. Added firebase functionality to verify employer and candidate Phone numbers with country code verification with on/off in API Settings. i)- If a user Verify their number with OTP Phone number will be shown with verified text if verification is on. ii)-If a user did not verify their number with OTP it will display not verified if verification is on.

  3. Added company Data graph chart in the admin dashboard. Now admin can view complete site Jobs, employers, candidates, etc... On the Graph chart in the dashboard with show/hide.

  4. Terms and conditions on every contact form on all Employer detail Pages.

  5. Candidate resume scoring in Profile update while uploading the Resume with Backend Scoring set option in candidate scoring theme option.

  6. Added Terms and conditions on all candidates single page.

  7. Added complete Jobs Details graph chart view on Employer-Profile Dashboard.

  8. Added complete Received Resume Details graph chart view on Employer-Profile Dashboard.

  9. Graph Chart on/off in theme Options Employer General Settings.

  10. Added Graph chart that will show all Jobs apply record on Candidate profile Dashboard.

  11. Turn on/off Graph Chart for the candidate from Theme Options Candidate settings.

  12. Theme options Redux Framework Updated Buttons sets style issues resolved on the backend.

  13. Added Stats Counter that will show overall Employer activities on Employer profile Dashboard with on/off Theme Options Employer General Settings.

  14. Added Stats Counter that will show overall candidate activities on Candidate profile Dashboard with on/off Theme Options Candidate Settings.


  1. Fixed LinkedIn authentication error while applying on a Job.

  2. Fixed Grid style layout with horizontal search Multi-search not working Fixed Search Button Visibility.

  3. Fixed If Elementor Pro Plugin is activated the Header on Employer dashboard is not showing.

  4. Fixed Leaflet Map and Parsley JS Errors.

  5. Fixed Employer and Candidate dashboard issue while using Elementor Pro Custom Header.

  6. Fixed Download failed a valid URL not found if a user uploads a plugin in zip format from the dashboard.

  7. Correction of strings on all Employer's page sidebar, featured employer’s widgets.

  8. Fixed Google Captcha width on Employer details Pages and out of column style issue on style4.

  9. Resolved Google Captcha form styling issue on Candidate's details Pages 1, 2, 3.

  10. Fixed Employer Style 3 Member since and phone number style and fields missing.

  11. Fixed on employer dashboard complete order on invoice string translation issue.

  12. Fixed validations JS errors.

  13. Resolved if admin set job post-approval manually it will not be published automatically until admin not approved it.

  14. Fixed after posting a job later if the employer edit that existing job and make it feature now it will be featured.

  15. Resolved if an employer has a member now member can feature the existing job.

  16. Fixed Advertisement Widget and block Issues with WordPress 5.8.1

  17. Fixed Multi-select search on Job Search Page Checkboxes will remain selected after the submission of the page.

  18. Remove Dot Sign on the Sign up/ Registration page.

  19. On the Search Page, more jobs button preloader will now work on loading the page.

  20. Candidate Dashboard responsiveness issues resolved on the small screen.

  21. On the candidate style 3 portfolio video Height & width layout issue was resolved.

  22. Fixed on Candidate details style 3 Rating and Review now showing properly.

  23. Employer Dashboard responsiveness issues resolved on the small screen.

  24. Footer logo not showing fixed on footer style 4.

V 1.4.5 - June 17, 2021


  1. Updated Compatibility with WordPress 5.7.2

  2. Account Members of an Employer. Now an employer can add multiple members to manage their company's profile with Employer's permissions.

  3. Account Members on/off in theme options Employers Settings. If existing pdf/docs slug making issue user can rewrite docs/pdfs slugs with new format from theme option URL Rewrite on/off.

  4. All newly added media will be saved with a unique encrypted name in the Media library.


  1. Fixed if a map from job post form turns off get errors Now if you turn off Job post-Lat/long It will not Throw JS Errors.

  2. Resolved On the Search Setting section, if the Enable/disable multi-search is On, then the search sidebar filters now working fine.

  3. Fixed If selected "standard Header" and also select "Menu full width" Header shift in the dashboard.

  4. Fixed full-width layout issue on Jobs List style page.

  5. Fixed if Admin off Team Members Now it will also be disappeared from employers Dashboard.

  6. Fixed If Employer clicks on apply Jobs, it displays Low profile scoring message.

  7. Strings Translation issue on search filter Map-based jobs layout.

  8. Linkedin Login Issues resolved

  9. Strings Translation on a modal form.

  10. Fixed Featured job apply button does not work in Search with Map job style.

  11. ReedCo Jobs API Integration Jobs layout issue on search with map Style.

  12. Upload .zip Plugin from dashboard URL Not found issue resolved.

  13. if the Enable/disable multi-search is On, then the search sidebar filters working correctly

  14. Fixed Now if Admin Change employer's purchase package jobs value to null it will be updated to new values.

  15. Fixed Candidates Resumes Access on backend If admin changes the value to null now it will be updated.

V 1.4.4 - April 21, 2021


  1. Updated Compatibility with WordPress 5.7

  2. Zoom meeting complete API integration with theme options. Meetings schedule, create, edit, update and delete the meeting from Employer dashboard.

  3. Restriction of low profile scoring while applying on a Job with theme option button and set percentage in candidate profile scoring.

  4. Added dot on Employer name on all employers list with theme option.

  5. Jooble Jobs API Integration with theme option on/off and user can set the number of jobs to import with limits on External Jobs API in Theme Options on all jobs search layout pages.

  6. On the Jobs search page you can use the Full-Width page with the on/off button in Theme options Job search Settings.

  7. CareerJet Jobs Api integration with theme option on/off and user can set the number of jobs with limits on External Jobs API in Theme Options on all jobs search layout pages.

  8. Work Remotely with on/off button on job post theme options.

  9. Use on/off custom fields from theme options in the Employer detail page.

  10. A User on/off custom fields from theme options in the Candidate details option for candidates.

  11. Use Full-Width Menu for the main menu with on/off button Theme options in Headers Settings.

  12. API Integration with theme option on/off and user can set the number of jobs with limits on External Jobs API in Theme Options on all jobs search layout pages.

  13. Add on/off buttons to display Team Members on employers' details pages from theme options.

  14. GitHub Jobs API integration with theme option on/off and user can set the number of jobs with limits on External Jobs API on all jobs search layout pages.

  15. Adzuna Jobs Api integration with theme option on/off and user can set the number of jobs with limits on External Jobs API in Theme Options on all jobs search layout pages.

  16. Added Terms and Conditions on jobs Post page in theme options with page setup Terms & Conditions.


  1. Fixed issue of Woocommerce Currency options and symbol positions to right/left, before and after the price in the Pricing shortcode.

  2. Fixed Team Members' position and layout issues on employers' details page.

  3. Resolved job title not showing on Job Board and job details page when admin posts a job from the dashboard.

  4. Fixed for both candidate and employer default profile picture if they do not set their profile picture.

  5. Fixed Elementor Pro Header issue now user can use the default theme header or their custom elementor Pro Header with on/off button in header settings Theme Options while using Elementor pro.

  6. Fixed Elementor Pro footer Issue now users can use the default theme footer or their custom elementor Pro footer with the on/off button in footer settings Theme Options while using Elementor pro.

  7. Fixed Work Remotely check box displaying issue while Employer posting a Job.

  8. Display a message with a link if the user did not install Elementor now user can download the elementor with click on that message.

  9. Fixed displaying country name and city name issue on all jobs page.

  10. Fixed register/login issue with Linkedin now users can register as candidates/employers with their Linkedin account.

  11. Fixed nokri premium jobs grid widget compatibility while using elementor pro.

  12. Fixed Bump-up jobs not working on job search pages.

  13. Resolved job expiry date limit on the job posting page.

  14. Fixed on Employer details page style 3 Employer social icons missing issue.

  15. Fixed employer details page style 4 company follow button issue from candidate side.

  16. Fixed expired job can not be bumped up.

V 1.4.3 - February 9th, 2021


  1. 3 new employer detail pages style added (style 2,3,4)

  2. new Job detail page added (style 3)

  3. New all employer listing style added

  4. Show/Hide social sidebar on Sign in shortcode/widget

  5. Employer Last login show/hide with on/off button in theme options in Employer Settings

  6. Candidate, last Login show/hide with on/off button in theme options in Candidate settings

  7. An employer can add his/her own Team Members on update profile page which will be displayed on Employer detail page

  8. if employer wants to hire only for remotely work tick checkbox on job post page page it will shows Remotely Work on job details page Else it will shows map/custom location

  9. if a candidate follows a company/ empoloyeer heart will be filled with followed message

  10. Total no of applicants who applied against a single job will be shown to both employer and candidate on job details page with on/off Button on job details Theme Option

  11. Fixed if an employer post two different Jobs on same location then in related jobs it will shows same location not 0Km Distance


  1. Fixes employer and admin bulk resume download issue

  2. Fixed mobile view Candidate Register button Style

  3. Fixed “Update Password” section of the Candidate account with custom location disabled

  4. Candidate single page view all style fixed

  5. Fixed Page redirection After Sign up

  6. Email verification redirects to Sign in Page after successful verification

V 1.4.2 - December 28th, 2020

Added :

  1. Company name in related jobs


  1. WordPress 5.6 and Php 8 compatible

  2. Candidate detail page layout issue fixes

  3. Login and register page redirection to home page

  4. Company follow button on/off

V 1.4.1 - December 9th, 2020


  1. The paid alert switch was not working

  2. WhatsApp apply on job detail 2

  3. Visibility of view more button on mobile devices

  4. Browse resume button hide on other languages than English on job apply

  5. No home menu when the menu is empty

  6. Education/profession description styling issue on the candidate profile

  7. Job expired mail issue

  8. Job link in the job verification email

  9. Candidate and job link in new apply candidate email template(apply)

  10. Unregistered user resume download in bulk on job apply (apply)

  11. Direct access not allowed in rtl registration and sign in

Added :

  1. Custom Company Header / or company cover Image (yobas)

  2. Candidate cover image

  3. Multi-select values on the job search page

  4. Exclude premium jobs from regular jobs when premium jobs at the top

  5. Candidate schedule hours /or working days

  6. Employer to candidate rating

  7. Nearby jobs on the job detail page with/on of

  8. Compatible with elementor pro custom header/footer

  9. Mobile number verification registration

  10. Strong password recommendation on registration

  11. Arabic /Urdu resume template added

  12. The employer can generate cand resume in a different format

  13. Profile option pub/private in theme option while registration

  14. Change gravatar image to user profile image on/off in user settings

  15. Subscribe to newsletter while registration on/off in user setting

  16. Restrict employer and candidate to buy a free package after assign them at time of registration

  17. Hide show company follow button on all employer page

  18. Employer clear search filter button added

  19. Response/welcome email to candidate when applying for a job

  20. Email jobs applier shown to employer dashboard

  21. Woo Commerce Shop and single product design added

V 1.4.0 - October 21st, 2020


  1. Job apply with WhatsApp number (Stanislav)

  2. Bump up jobs

  3. Candidate profile only is shown to the registered user with on/off (user setting)

  4. Google Recaptcha on the sign in and sign up pages(derekduy )

  5. Featured employers show at the top

  6. Featured Candidates also show at the top

  7. Custom fields Search on the job search page

  8. The progress bar on cv upload

  9. Geolocation search for jobs

  10. Image cropping option for profile picture candidate and employer

  11. Admin can add job expiry limit for the job post

  12. Hide show contact information candidate access (address, email, phone)

  13. Horizontal search bar for job search page

  14. Restrict employer to change job title after job post

  15. Current Location job alert

  16. Custom location with child location job alert

  17. Employer specialization different from candidate skills taxonomy added

  18. Show employer specialization on the public profile

  19. Upload resume video directly instead of link with on/off

  20. Paid job email alerts to candidates

  21. Show company name on the job listing

  22. Candidates skills as tags (mirmubasher)

  23. On/off admin top bar

  24. Create an alert from the candidate dashboard

  25. Woo Commerce subscription (recurring payment )

  26. The employer can filter the candidate that apply for the job

  27. Apply on redirect to job detail page there you can apply with on/off

  28. Generate resumes candidate dashboard now with on/off option

  29. Employer download all resumes against his job now with on/off option

  30. Subscribe alert from candidate dashboard

  31. Download resumes for job detail list style 2

  32. Open external link job in new tabs (JumsFadare)

  33. Search employers on assign job to employer backend

  34. Candidate resume generate security

  35. Candidates page password protected from the backend

  36. Job expiry added on quick edit and bulk edit

  37. Candidate dotted name on all candidates page with on/off option

  38. Admin can download resumes against a single job from the backend

  39. Featured employer widget

  40. Featured candidates widget

V 1.3.6 - October 8th, 2020


1) job search grid layout styling issue 2) zip resumes download issues 3) single product page issue resolve 4) custom category template load in RTL 5) leaflet map on job board backend 6) Free package assign at registration 7) pricing-modern shortcode fix 8 ) WP Bakery page builder issue fixed 9) Plugin updated 10) Style improved

V 1.3.5 - August 25th, 2020


  1. Hide show empty category shortcodes/job search page

  2. Show/hide loader on search jobs

  3. Apply status text change to applied after job apply, for candidates

  4. Candidate can generate resumes from different templates

  5. Hide/show all sections from employer/candidate profiles

  6. Collapse/un-collapse all filters on the job search page

  7. Order auto-approve

  8. Admin download all resume against a job in zipping Format

  9. Employer download all resumes against his job in zip format


  1. Pricing shortcode -1 value to unlimited and no more 0 jobs visible

  2. The background image on the contact us a shortcode

  3. WordPress update 5.5 version compatibility issues resolved

  4. Signup Elementor widget fixed

  5. String translation issues

  6. Text editor on job cover letter

  7. Leaflet map on job board backend

  8. WP bakery plugin updated

V 1.3.4 - August 5th, 2020


  1. Elementor support, widgets added, The Elementor demo data added (English/Arabic)

  2. Job search page,multi-search form added

  3. Email to the employer before and after job expiry

  4. show/hide, show password check on login and register form

  5. Password confirmation field on the registration form

  6. Remember me check in the login form

  7. Upload resume directly from hero-section1 and hero-section2 shortcodes\widgets

  8. Generate pdf resume from the candidate profile


  1. Show/hide employer custom location on update profile and view profile page

  2. Follow button show/hide on employer profile

  3. Assign a free package to the user register from social login

  4. External redux framework compatibility issue resolved

  5. Visual composer front end page editing fixed

  6. A job with location shortcode fixed

  7. A job with email apply fixed on RTL

  8. Candidate portfolio images upload/delete issue fixed

V 1.3.3 - June 24th, 2020


  1. Employer rating with on/off option

  2. Make resume upload while applying job Required/optional/hide-fields (theme- option/job-setting/job-detail)

  3. ReCaptcha in the contact form with hiding and show option.employer and candidate profile

  4. Indeed job import

  5. Indeed job search with different filters (clicks tracking)

  6. Hide show candidate profile percentage


  1. Critical error while activating the theme

  2. Shortcode hero premium section, job apply on an external link

  3. Shortcode (Jobs, Candidates, And Categories) category display fixed

  4. Add a custom class in the menu from the backend

  5. Newly created packages display in pricing shortcode

  6. Sub-location in-hero section1 shortcode

  7. The account gets activated without clicking the terms and condition from social logins

  8. Apply on email jobs fixed

  9. External job apply issue on apple devices fixed

  10. Jobs search with job class in super_admin_dashboard.

  11. Job order search filter on the job search page

  12. Contact form on profile hide/show

  13. Category filter in blog post-modern shortcode

V 1.3.2 - April 1st, 2020


  1. Search Candidate by skill widget added

  2. VAT and Total invoice showing separately

  3. Job applied Resumes sorting on employer job

  4. Change job application on the job, posted with email

  5. Notify user by email before package expiry

  6. Hide and show Filters on the search page on mobile devices

  7. Candidate can see job applied status (selected/rejected etc)


  1. Hebrew language registration

  2. Candidate profile update scoring

  3. Editing jobs number in the product

  4. Job post current location issue from frontend

  5. Scheduled email to subscribers on jobs

  6. Image capital letter extension

  7. packages list auto got empty even packages purchased fixed

  8. All jobs pointer on map

  9. Frontend Editing of Signup and SignIn pages from wp_bakery plugin

  10. Candidate and employer dashboard issues

  11. Radius search widget fix

  12. Shortcode fixes (premium_jobs, premium jobs grid );

  13. Employer packages display issue resolve

  14. Social login auto role change issue resolve

  15. Date autofill issue resolved

  16. Candidate order-packages filter issue resolve

  17. Search job by category sub level resolved

  18. Current location lat/lang on the front end

V 1.3.1- January 23rd, 2020


  1. Redirecting to the pricing page on job-post fixed

  2. Candidate resume upload from mobile

  3. Candidate detail style-three skills text overlap fix

  4. String translation on candidate edit-profile fixed

V 1.3 - January 14th, 2020


  1. WPML Compatible

  2. Google Job Schema Compatible

  3. Three magnificent home pages

  4. Three majestic top bars

  5. Three remarkable footers

  6. Purple theme color

  7. External apply package base

  8. Candidate salary option

  9. Candidate qualification option

  10. Filter candidates by salary range

  11. Filter candidates by salary type

  12. Filter candidates by salary currency

  13. Filter candidates by gender

  14. Filter candidates by headline

  15. Filter candidates by qualification

  16. Hide/show map in candidate/employer profiles

  17. Filter featured jobs by locations

  18. Show gender, salary on candidate detail profile

  19. Assign free package at registration time to candidates

  20. Four Level categories in job alerts

  21. Job Location in job alerts

  22. Job Type in job alerts

  23. Job Experience in job alerts


  1. Widgets imports

  2. Plugins

  3. Translation strings

  4. POT file

  5. Translation files


  1. Resumes, portfolio upload on a mobile screen

  2. Custom fields on the registration page

  3. Custom location on the candidate profile

  4. Admin can post-issue when register from social

  5. CSS issues

  6. Responsive issues

V 1.2.3 - October 25th, 2019


  1. Resume download option with a package base in matched resume.

  2. Resume download option enable/disable on candidate public profile.

  3. SEO friendly search page URLs.

  4. Redirect to sign-in page on package selection without login.


  1. Translation files

  2. Pot file

  3. Nokri framework


  1. Video resume update empty URL.

  2. Footer 2 locations on a mobile screen.

  3. Job question null value on-off state toggle.

  4. CSS issues.

V 1.2.2 - October 10th, 2019


  1. Guest button icon,text and link on header


  1. WooCommerce

  2. Translation files & Pot file


  1. Fixed Spellings

  2. Employer portfolio on mobile screen

  3. CSS issues

  4. Widget collapsed icon issue

  5. Footer 1 app section enable/disable switch

V 1.2.1 - October 4th, 2019


  1. Custom fields for registration form

  2. Custom fields for the Candidate profile

  3. Custom fields for employer profile

  4. Job alert option for followed companies and all companies

  5. Upload resume from all resumes tab

  6. CV scoring

  7. Hide/show/required candidates default form fields

  8. Hide/show/required employers default form fields

  9. Custom labels and placeholders for candidates profile

  10. Custom labels and placeholders for employers profile

  11. Questionnaire added on job post with enable disable the option

  12. Hide/show sidebar in signup shortcode

  13. Child categories option added in hero sections

  14. Child locations option added in hero sections

  15. Default button option while registration

  16. Upload resume on apply time

  17. Hero section with hiding/show slider option


  1. Nokri Framework

  2. Add to any plugin

  3. Translation files

  4. Pot file


  1. Show all categories on job detail

  2. Responsive tabs issue

  3. Admin can post issue

  4. CSS issues

V 1.2.0 - August 21st, 2019


  1. Added Job Alerts

  2. Widget for job alerts

  3. Auto candidate suggestions

  4. Candidate packages to apply

  5. Candidate featured profile package base

  6. New section for candidate skills and skill values

  7. New Shortcode with two styles for candidate packages

  8. New Shortcode for featured candidates

  9. Company Portfolio

  10. Company Video option

  11. Now Employer can delete applier resumes

  12. Candidate dashboard menu with custom text and sorting options

  13. Employer dashboard menu with custom text and sorting options

  14. Candidate resume style 3 added


  1. On click show contact number

  2. Update CSS Files

  3. Update JS FIles

  4. Plugin updated

  5. Pot file updated

  6. Translations files updated

V 1.1.5 - July 5th, 2019


  1. Added date validations

  2. Save job button added on detail page


  1. Translation files updated

  2. Pot file updated

  3. Plugin updated


  1. css issues

  2. reported issues

V 1.1.4 - June 25th, 2019


  1. Job attachment in default job post form with enable/disable options

  2. Apply on job with out login with enable/disable and email template option

  3. Email job to any one with enable/disable and email template option

  4. Employer can save resumes


  1. Translation files updated

  2. Pot file updated

  3. Plugin updated


  1. Css issues fixed

  2. Reported issues fixed

V 1.1.3 - May 15th, 2019


  1. Three fascinating new home pages

  2. Hide/show/required option in default job post form

  3. Customize able label of job post fields through out web

  4. Category based job post template

  5. File attachments up-loader in job post (images,docs)

  6. YouTube video link in job post

  7. Four level custom location in employer profile

  8. Employer search by location

  9. Employer search by specialization

  10. Candidate video resume option

  11. Radius search with search with map

  12. New footer with re-arranging options

  13. Validation on candidate skill value


  1. Google plus replaced with Instagram in profiles

  2. Plugin updated

  3. Pot and Translation files updated


  1. Fixed calendar translation on job post

  2. Css issue fixed

V 1.1.2 - April 23rd, 2019

Added and Fixed

  1. Integrated linkedin api v2

  2. Improved data validations

  3. Css issue fixed

  4. Plugin updated

  5. Pot and Translation files updated

V 1.1.1 - April 16th, 2019


  1. Job post option from back end

  2. Custom Candidate/Employer url rewriting

  3. Apply with email option on job post page

  4. Social login buttons options on signup page

  5. Custom opening text option in short code

  6. Package assign option at a time registration


  1. Facebook branding

  2. Plugin updated

  3. Pot and Translation files updated


  1. No of openings issue fixed

  2. Google map auto complete issue fixed

  3. Map hide on single job page fixed

  4. RTL css issue fixed

  5. CSS issue fixed

V 1.1.0 - February 27th, 2019

Added and Fixed

  1. Job with external link added

  2. Assign premium job class to any job from back end

  3. Sticky menu option added

  4. Profile picture size option added

  5. In Packages job text from short code option added

  6. Email template spacing issues fixed.

  7. Search with map title issue fixed.

  8. The search parallax location issue fixed.

  9. Auto submitting category if no child exists removed

  10. Auto submitting location if no child exists removed

  11. Assign premium job class to any job from the back end

  12. Footer link issue fixed

  13. Employer dashboard pending order filter issue fixed

  14. Empty dob issue fixed.

  15. Skills responsive issue fixed

  16. Checkbox issue fixed at check out page

  17. English grammar issue fixed

  18. Plugin updated

  19. Responsive issue fixed

  20. Pot file updated

  21. Translation file updated

  22. Google Login Button Branding changed

V 1.0.9 - January 29th, 2019

Added and Fixed

  1. Job Import with WP All Import

  2. Admin panel user type information

  3. Enable/disable delete user profile options

  4. Enable disable app section in footers

  5. Hindi one click demo import added

  6. Hindi translation files added

  7. View All link in blog short code fixed

  8. Typo mistake correction

  9. Pot and Translation files updated

  10. CSS issue fixed

V 1.0.9 - January 11th, 2019

Added and Fixed

  1. Hindi demo launched

  2. Jobs search with map launched

  3. Map marker image upload option

  4. Only admin can post job option added

  5. Map enable/disable option at profiles and job posts

  6. Click and get the current location on profiles and job post pages.

  7. Low profile alert in candidate dashboard

  8. Chang able welcome text in users dashboard option added

  9. Place holder text change on selecting an email template

  10. Send email on candidate status spellings mistake corrected

  11. Change icon on all jobs button issue fixed

  12. Contact us page email issue fixed

  13. All employer background image removed

  14. CSS issue fixed

  15. Plugins updated

  16. Pot file updated

V 1.0.7 - December 12th, 2018

Added and Fixed

  1. Admin Options added, set expiry date and candidates resume access

  2. Admin makes employer/candidate any user

  3. Admin hide/show set profile option for users

  4. Hide/show social links on public profiles

  5. Job tags displayed

  6. Search layout grid issue fixed

  7. Registration link in the menu

  8. Job post page image issue fixed

  9. Previous package addition fixed

  10. Spelling issue fixed

  11. Dashboard icons size fixed

  12. Candidates skills same values fixed

  13. Plugin updated

  14. CSS fixes

  15. Translation file updated

  16. WordPress 5.0 Supported

V 1.0.4 - December 5th, 2018

Added and Fixed

  1. The map on single job page added

  2. Candidates package base search added

  3. Google Adsense advertisement slots added

  4. Custom location search drop-down widget

  5. Admin can edit any job detail.

  6. Pending job message

  7. Plugin updated

  8. 4 new theme colors

  9. Job social share option

  10. Translation files updated.

  11. Improved Styling.

V 1.0.4 - November 3rd, 2018

Added and Fixed

  1. Candidate/Employer public/private profile option added

  2. Email notification on job apply to employer

  3. Admin hide/show candidate/employer contact details e.g phone/email/contact form

  4. CSS fixes

  5. Plugin updates

  6. Responsive issues fixes

  7. Cover Latter added.

  8. Translation files updated.

  9. Improved Styling.

V 1.0.2 - October 25th, 2018

Added and Fixed

  1. Style Improved

  2. RTL style updates

  3. Responsive issues fixed

  4. Translation files updated

  5. Email verification fixed

  6. Plugin updates

V 1.0.1 - October 19th, 2018

  • Initial release with miner Issues fixes and add new demo.